The Sebenza Knife

Carve out a spot for the notorious Sebenza Knife. At first blush the Sebenza doesn’t look like anything special, but looks can be extremely deceiving. The minimal Reeve’s Integral locking design of the titanium handle and thumb lug has been mimicked and copied countless times, but what these copycats can’t replicate is the incomparable precision to craft. Made in extremely limited numbers, the Sebenza is held up to tolerances higher than the aerospace industry (o.ooo1 tolerance), and is proudly manufactured in Idaho, USA. You can easily see the difference in the details of a Chris Reeve’s knife and be guaranteed the design and manufacturing of the S35VN Stainless Steel blade, 6A14V Titanium handle and 303 Stainless Steel fittings will easily last a couple lifetimes over. With your purchase of the Sebenza you will also receive a lifetime of free sharpening and maintenance. You may think you’re a decent blade sharpener, but I’d much rather trust the experts that have 30 years perfecting a tenth of a thousandth manufacturing process.

Invest in a blade that will last you a lifetime, available through Best Made Co.