Axe Care Maintenance Tool Roll Kit


Keep your axes, tools, and heavy blades in tiptop shape with Victor’s Essential Axe Care Maintenance Tool Roll Kit. If you take as much pride in your blades and tools as we do, you’ll definitely want to take a peek at this kit. Victor has put together this portable kit to help keep your tools working the way they should while looking their best. It starts with the handmade, waxed canvas leather tool roll organizer that features five wide slip-pockets, a large expandable pocket, and two leather D-ring straps to keep everything in place. Within the kit you’ll find a container of Original Metal Wax to keep your tools looking their best by blocking out moisture and rust, a bottle of Pure Linseed Oil to keep your wood handles from cracking, a 6-inch Necholson Bastard Mill File so your blades keep an edge, a Nicholson File Card to clean your Mill File and two Terry Cloth Shop towels.

Available directly from Victor.