Funky.GG Mini Longboard


Get down with the Funky. GG Mini Longboard. If you think that carving is only associated with turkey dinners and whittling, than you might want to expand your horizons. Funkinfunction have come up with a incredible lookin’ super wide mini longboard that’s carved a perfect niche in the longboard world. Hand-shaped in the USA (East Williamsburg/Bushwick Brooklyn, NY), Daniel Moyer crafts these babies out of scrap wood from local furniture makers and storm damaged trees (currently their wood includes hurricane sandy). To top it all off, they mount state-of-the-art carving trucks and some pure urethane wheels, all supplied by Brooklyn’s own Bustin longboards.

Currently available in Black walnut + Beech, black locust, black birch + black walnut, silver maple, black locust + black birch and black locust, English walnut + black walnut, orders your via FunkinFunctional’s online store.