Tenkara no Oni Rod Collection


Bring back the long forgotten experience with the Tenkara No Oni Rod Collection. There’s something to be said about fishing with minimal gear. With a history dating back to the early 1900’s, when surviving was about harnessing the resources around you. Today fishing for me is a form of relaxation and a way to gather with the buds, far from the values that started the sport. Masami Sakakibara and his passion for history have brought the long lost sport back to life. The No Oni Rod Collection consists of three types; Type 1, made for advanced fishers; the lightest of the three perfect for a whole day trip and is available in a beautiful handmade bamboo grip. The Type 2 is designed for beginners and intermediate fishers. Like the Type 1, the overall design is made a bit thicker for durability. Finally the Type 3 is thicker and the overall length reaches to 3.4 meters long, allowing better control for beginners, intermediate, and young fishers. Made in Japan, these are some wicked rods that resemble the true spirit behind Tenkara fishing.

Available in black on black or black with camo, and of course my fav’ with the bamboo grip, order them on Tenkara no Oni’s online shop.