Trinity ONE: A Specialty Coffee Brewer


Introducing the Trinity ONE: A Specialty Coffee Brewer that elevates the coffee experience. Coffee is a must in my household, and I like to show my machine off, but sometimes the counter feels a bit crowded.  My counter is kinda small so I like to keep it as un-cluttered as possible. I keep the main brewer out and when I have time, I fish for my aero press which is hidden in one of my drawers. That is about to change. The Trinity One by Mark Folker is one well-designed specialty coffee brewer that allows you to brew coffee using the pour-over method, air pressure, and cold brew. Made from high quality stainless steel and black walnut, it combines style and function in its minimalist design. If your daily routine changes from time to time, it’s nice to know that the Trinity ONE adapts to your style and taste at a moments notice.

As a testament on how cool the Trinity ONE really is, the project has been fully funded. If you’re looking to get one and give all the support you can back his project on kick starter.