Get Tough

Major Fairbairn will teach you to fight the SS like a British Commando. The good ol’ fighting techniques of WWII never go out of style. Learn from a British hard ass, Major Fairbairn (or more famously known as “Dangerous Dan”), who after years of learning his techniques from various fighting styles, perfected them during 600 non-training related fights, developed his own style called Defendu. In this “Get Tough” how-to manual, Major Fairbairn will cover the hand-to-hand fighting techniques he taught to the British, American, and Canadian Commandos in WWII. Even if you’re a practicing MMA fighter with multiple black belts, you’ll surely appreciate one of the true god fathers of MMA fighting, and may even learn a trick or two.

Available on a Kindle or Paperback, through Amazon.


Get Tough Book by Major FairbairnGet Tough Book by Major FairbairnGet Tough Book by Major Fairbairn