Park Tool MK-246 Master Tool Kit

Park Tool-Master-Tool-Kit-MK-246-LumberJac

Introducing the Park Tool MK-246 Master Tool Kit, a kit that will make you feel like a mechanic in the Tour de France. If you’ve ever owned a bike, there’s a feeling of accomplishment when you fix it. Being around bikes for 25-odd years now, you tend to learn a bit about how your bike functions, often dialing it in the way you like it. I’ve owned my fair share of tools, but the first tool I reach for, or ever purchase, is a Park Tool. Park Tool a US company (based out of St Paul Minnesota), that has been designing and manufacturing bicycle tools for over 50 years, have put together the complete master dream tool kit. Designed specifically for the professional or full scale mechanic (although that wouldn’t stop me from outfitting my own work bench), the kit comes with a complete set (246 to be exact) of professional level tools. It includes fixtures, gauges, accessories and just anything you can think about except for the shop mechanic. For me, the Park tools I’ve owned have never disappointed, and the quality is top-notch. One thing is for sure, once you have them all, you’ll never look at another tool kit the same.

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