The Argo

When you mix a tank, an ATV, and a boat you get one of the most extreme vehicles on the face of the planet. Say hello to the Argo. If you need to bush-whack, climb mountainous hills, cross rivers and lakes, move equipment, or just bomb around; the Argo will certainly impress in any conditions. The Argo is built on a 8 x 8 or 6 x 6 mobility structure that is light, super strong, and completely waterproof; allowing you to traverse all types of terrain with minimal impact on the vegetation and substrates. Thanks to the Static Stability Factor (SSF), the Argo is four times less likely to roll-over than a traditional UTV and has the industry’s lowest center of gravity making those hills and slopes look like level ground in the eyes of an Argo. Don’t even get us started on features and accessories, you can pimp this thing out to the max. From rubberized tank treads to fully enclosed canvas shell, anything you can think of is available as an add-on.

Check out the details or build your own directly from Argo.

Argo 8x8 750 HDiArgo 8x8 750Argo 8x8 750Argo 8x8 750Argo 8x8 750