Helinox Swivel Chair


Take a spin in the all new Helinox Swivel Chair. If there’s one thing about sitting around a fire that’s frustrating, it’s having to always change position due to the smoke, and then return to the same spot once the smoke has moved. It reminds me of the game of musical chairs. Now imagine if you could just turn your back to it without removing yourself from that cozy place. Because of Helinox and their Swivel Chair, it can now happen, and truly it’s about time! Made from a strong lightweight aluminum frame, it is topped with a durable polyester seat with mesh sides. The Helinox Swivel Chair is as compact as they come, and easily sets up in a flash. Helinox are kings when it comes to outdoor equipment, and their designs are some of the best in the business and trust us, we will have a couple of these bad boys in our arsenal sooner rather that later.

Available in black, get yours from REI, Amazon or directly from Helinox.