Get Sidetracked and let them do the rest. I can’t count how many times I’ve caught myself daydreaming about visiting remote places, living a life full of adventure. Snapping back to reality (unless I’ve become incredibly rich) those days are a daydream away. Fortunately for us, there are Magazines like Sidetracked that provide a unique glimpse into the life of an adventurer, and let you live vicariously through each journal entry. In their latest volume, you get to experience a Mountain Biking trip in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, paragliding in Socotra off the coast of Yemen, snorkeling in the tranquil mangrove forests and climbing on Baffin Island. How cool is that? They also discover some remote cultures via Jimmy Nelson, plus, they showcase Antarctic through some historic photography. If that’s not enough, they follow Tommy Caldwell’s ascent of the Dawn Wall. If you can’t live it, than join Sidetracked in this beautifully designed full color mag that allows the mind to wonder and your soul to live vicariously through their stunning imagery.

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