Chamber Multi Tool

Your bike is in good hands when the Chamber Multi Tool is on the job. There’s no bells or whistles in Fabric’s new Chamber Multi tool, just an efficient workhorse designed for the open road. The Chamber is a super strong T-bar head multi tool that offers 13 of the most used tool sets in the biking industry. Long gone are the days when you needed to carry an extra screwdriver or two for those 2 and 3mm sizes. Securely packed within the Chamber are 6 double-ended bits and an 8mm over-bit that can be used at varying lengths depending on your required access. It’s portable, self contained, and only weighs 162 grams. The smooth exterior metal shell securely holds all 13 tools without causing any thread snagging when it’s packed away in your jersey pocket.

Available in a Fixed or Ratchet head directly from Fabric.

Fabric Chamber Multi ToolFabric Chamber Multi Tool