GSI Halulite Kettle

No time is wasted with a GSI Halulite Kettle. As much as I like to relax and kick-back while camping, waiting for water to boil can never be fast enough. The Halulite Kettle by GSI helps you conserve every drop of fuel by providing the optimal kettle for any condition. It may not collapse or be the most compact accessory, but a good kettle is essential to any backcountry adventure. Constructed with a super lightweight (5.8oz) material called Halulite, a proprietary hard anodized alloy that conducts heat better and more evenly than titanium. This Kettle is further scratch and abrasion resistant, and is non-reactive. This Kettle features a low-profile design with a capacity of 1L, a folding and locking handle, and a large pot-style lid opening. This wide lid design allows for greater access to your liquids, giving this kettle a dual purpose as a pasta or vegetable cooker. For the extreme packer, you can even eat directly out of this kettle, saving you the space of a pot and bowl.

Available directly through REI or Amazon.

GSI Halulite Tea KettleGSI Halulite Tea Kettle