AEV Prospector Package


The AEV Prospector Package makes sure you don’t leave those hills empty handed. AEV has been known to come up with some seriously capable off-road vehicles that are synonymous with great design and technology. With over 15 years of expertise, AEV is the industry leader when it comes to Jeep Wrangler accessories. With their latest product, a Ram specific Prospector package, there’s no doubt that it will out do any after market expedition accessory out there. For starters, the package includes a superior 4mm thick stamped steel face bumper. The bumper is wicked strong and offers awesome protection, it’s designed to accommodate 16,500lbs and includes massive ductile iron tow loops. Next on the list is the AEV 3″ DualSport Suspension System. This lift package has been tested on and off-road offering high level off-road ability all with on road comfort. To round out the list is the choice between to wheels. Both wheels are cast from A356/T6 aluminum and features recessed valve stems to protect against off-road abuse. There are a few more additions like AEV Badging and AEV instrument cluster, to separate your ride from the rest. In the end it’s AEV’s dedication to well designed, American made products that know no boundaries.

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