George & Willy Fire Starter


Fire comes naturally with the George & Will Fire Starter. There is a whole routine that goes with starting a fire, first comes the shavings, followed by the paper and kindling; all lit by a match. There’s nothing wrong with this process (to be honest I quite enjoy it), but time is a precious commodity. With my soon-to-be installed vintage preway fireplace, sometimes convenience takes precedence over process, and that’s where the George & Willy’s Fire Starter is the perfect solution. Inspired by whalers of the 18th century, they have designed an oil filled vessel that utilizes a specifically engineered porous ceramic stone. Once the stone is lit, it produces a generous flame for about 15-20 min, eliminating the need for any of the kindling staples. Fire starting has never been easier and you’ll do less fighting, and more enjoying the mesmerizing flames.

Available directly from George & Willy’s online store.