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Mizutani SWORD Dama Integral Scissor


It’s more than just another hair cut with the Mizutani SWORD Dama Integral Scissor. OK, I can’t profess to know how to cut hair, or have any knowledge of being a barber, but if I did, these would be the first pair of scissors in my arsenal. The tradition of Mizutani started in 1921 when he decided to produce the finest scissor in the industry. His passion to produce razor sharp, durable, and easy-to-handle scissors has translated well over the years, and is continued with one definite purpose, to create the highest quality scissor on the market. The SWORD Dama Integral Scissor is one of many in the lineup that is a visually stunning and functional. Handmade from damascus steel (a steel with a fabled folding process, dating back to the Persian empire), Mizutani restores this lost process with their modern patented CMC micro powder steel. To top it off, since the scissors are made from a single bar, the end result is one continuous pattern that runs from tip to handle. Mizutani has created world class scissors that not only defines quality, they are one of the most functional pieces of artwork you will ever own.

Available in two lengths or custom fitted, order yours from Mizutani online store.