Orange Growler

Beer to go with the Stoneware Growler by Orange Vessel. For craft beers there’s no better way to store and transport your favorite brand than giving it a home to preserve and retain all those complex flavors. With most typical mass produced glass growlers you’ll experience uncomfortable pouring, sealing issues and the dreaded negative effects of UV light. The team at Orange Vessel re-invented the growler using tried-and-true age old designs. Their growlers are based on the super ergonomic design of the traditional juice jugs and produced in the US with stoneware making them completely impervious to light. Crafted, hand poured, then carefully double fired at over 2000 degrees, each Orange Growler is carefully inspected and finished to meet the high standards you uphold in your thirst for craft beer.

Select from a range of colors and sizes and available directly from Orange Vessel.

Orange GrowlerOrange GrowlerOrange Growler