AUTINE Traditional Finnish Splitting Axe


The AUTINE Traditional Finish Splitting Axe brings a whole new meaning to timber. Axes are such an imperative tool for the outdoors-man, and it’s equally a must for those with a wood burning fireplace. The Finnish Splitting axe began its life before the invention of the almighty chainsaw, and was designed with a wedge form allowing for splitting as well as durable enough to be used with the aid of another axe to hammer on it. Autine, created by John Neeman (a masterful talented craftsman), have come up with a damn sexy Traditional inspired Splitting Axe. Handmade from laminated high carbon steel attached to character elm handle, the Axe is a true thing of functional beauty. Top that off with a lifetime warranty, AUTINE’s axes reinforce the saying, a good axe is worth its weight in gold.

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