EFM Dorset Removable Hood Sweater

EFM-Dorset-Removable-Hood-Sweater 1 LumberJac

Stay on top of the heat with the EFM Dorset Removable Hood Sweater. Watching the snow fall makes me think about why sweaters are such a versatile clothing essential, a must for any urban or outdoor explorer. EFM (Engineered for Motion), a company known for their do-more-with-less apparel, have raised the bar with their stunning EFM Dorset Removable Hood Sweater. This fitted sweater and its removable hood brings together modern minimal style (nice enough to wear to the office), with innovative mountain versatility. The sweater is functional enough to wear as a second layer while out romping in the backcountry. Made from 100% wool, the body and sleeves utilize a soft multi-colored stitch which give this medium weight sweater a plush feel. With the ability to be worn as a crew neck or balaclava style, the Dorset Removable Hood Sweater is as beautiful as they come however, just a little tip, please cold water wash and no throwin’ this baby in the dryer.

Available in blue or red, stay warm and get yours at EFM.

EFM-Dorset-Removable-Hood-Sweater-3 LumberJac