YES. Clark Shape Yourself Snowboard


DIY or die with the . If you consider yourself a hands-on snowboarder who luvs’ to tinker and knows what they want out of a board, then one of the originators in board blanks for surfers has the perfect DIY snowboard. The YES. Clark Shape gives riders the creative freedom to do what they want, and the options and configurations are endless. There are some elements of one board we dig, but our other boards have features that we wish we could integrate. Furthermore, there’s something so rewarding about creating your own board that works for you, and only you. The YES. Clark is made with a full poplar core and is designed with a PowRock profile, which happens to suite magical powder days we all dream of. Your imagination is the limit so get out your jig-saw, your riding buddies, a few cases of beer and make the perfect board.

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