Gramovox Floating Record Vertical Turntable


The Gramovox Floating Record Vertical Turntable goes full circle once again. It’s funny how design does a complete circle every now and again. Growing up in the age of vinyl, we have come to appreciate the qualities that a good turntable can bring to the table. Gramovox has entered that age again and brought a entirely new lease on the norm. The turntable has laid flat for many years, but in the latest design, Gramovox have brought the vinyl vertical. Although this is not the first time this has been thought of (as kids we were proud owners of the Mitsubishi LT-5V vertical record player seen below), Gramovox have produced a minimal high-performance masterpiece. Built in Chicago, the Floating Record stands on a walnut or maple veneered base that seamlessly includes 2 full-range Tymphany 2″ neodymium speakers. With a minimal foot print (just 10″ deep), the Floating Record Turntable comes with a carbon-fibre Tone-Arm, Hi-Fi phono pre-amp, RCA line out and sexy belt driven system. Gramovox has put an entire new spin on a classic and one thing is for sure, this all-in-one system turns everyone into a master spinner.

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