Kuberg Freerider Electric Bike


A new era of trail riding is upon us with the Kuberg Freedrider Electric Bike. If you’re like us and dream of warm sunny days chewing up the trails with all the fun and little effort, than you’ll be happy to know that day has just arrived. Well, maybe not quite yet for us northerners (we are knee deep in the winter clutches), but I’m sure there are those out there that will get to enjoy the new 2016 Kuberg Freerider. Built in the EU entirely from Kuberg components, the Freerider electric bike features a Manitou Dorado expert fork with 180mm of travel, DNM Burner-RCP 2 210mm rear travel shock, and hardened 203mm disk brakes with sintered brake pads. Powering this beast is a Kuberg 48V motor that has a peak power of 8kW that produces a thrill seeking 34mph(55km/h) for up to one hour. Unfortunately, there is some down time for all you adrenaline junkies but don’t fret, with a charge time of 2.5hrs it will be ready before you know it. With a minimal sleek facade, the Kuberg Freerider Electric Bike is set to take on the local trails with an electrical charge unheard of.

Get charged up for this summer and visit Kuberg to learn more.