Poet fonetta° Wireless Turntable


Tradition and technology is spun harmoniously together with the Poet fonetta° Wireless Turntable. When it comes to turntables there is nothing quite like the music quality, but on the flip-side, it typically requires a little audio expertise to get things just right. Poet and their ultra-easy philosophy would like to change that with the introduction of the fonetta˚, a wireless vinyl experience that is as simple as plug and play. Made in Austria, fonetta˚ combines a 17 watt amp, a lossless bluetooth receiver, a 180˚3-way high-end loudspeaker and audiophile record player, and a phone-pre-amplifier; all hidden within a sexy minimal wireless design. Now combine grace and style with a unique vision and you have a convenient wireless audio wonder that will forever stop you dead in its sound inspiring tracks.

Available in 2 color options, the fonetta˚ is ready for pre-order(sorry only EU at this present time) at Poet.