Leather Pencil Case Roll

Stay organized with the RYAN Leather Pencil Case Roll. Far too often my pencils, pens, ear buds, USB drive and everything else is randomly scattered in my various backpacks. The separate zip pockets help, but when you’re switching from pack to pack depending on the weather or type of day, there’s nothing like a good old pencil case to keep your shit organized. These Leather Rolls by Ryan provide the perfect combination of pockets for all your writing utensils, and a large pocket for randomly sized objects. It’s designed as a pencil case, but it also makes for the ideal tool, studio or bike tool roll. There’s no buckles, clasps or anything else to get in the way, just a simple leather strap to keep the roll securely closed. It’s handcrafted and meticulously hand stitched in the UK.

Choose from a range of color options and available directly from RYAN.

RYAN Leather Pencil Case RollRYAN Leather Pencil Case RollRYAN Leather Pencil Case Roll