Magnetic Tank Bag


Forget the pack on your back with the Magnetic Tank Bag. As you all know, there are many “must have” items we never leave home without. Items such as our wallet, smart phone, keys, and who knows what else, there is almost always a need for a bag when traveling on your motorbike, unless you love bulgy pockets. The folks at ElmWood Custom Vintage have come up with the perfect stowaway bag. Made in the good old USA, the Magnetic Tank Bag is fabricated using 19oz Martexin Original waxed canvas. On the back is four “Rare Earth” Neodymium magnets that safely secure it firmly to your tank. The main flap is secured using Molle style webbing and uses a beautiful G-Hook Closer. For convenience there is a 5″ zipper on the side so you’re not fighting with the straps if you need to grab your phone or wallet. Not to leave you hangin’, ElmWood has built in grommets on either sides so you can attach a shoulder strap or your belt loops via your d hooks. If your pockets are weighted down, then let the magnetic tank bag carry all the necessary baggage.

Available from ElmWood Custom Vintage.