Skinny Fit Sleeve

Meet the Skinny Fit, the only iPad Pro worthy sleeve. If you’ve gone all-in on an iPad Pro you’ll want some sort of protection and a little more sophistication than Apple’s standard silicon condom. True, there’s some decent competitors and even some Hard Graft copy-cats, but very few even come close to premium material, craftsmanship and form-fitting precision. Their sleeves and cases truly fit like a glove. Also, don’t overlook felt…Hard Graft’s dense German wool felt provides the optimal protection from bumps and scratches and will far outlive the lifespan of any generation of Apple products. The Skinny Fit doesn’t contain any unnecessary hardware and features a leather loop that doubles as the perfect Apple pencil holder.

Available in two sizes directly from Hard Graft.

Hard Graft Skinny Fit SleeveHard Graft Skinny Fit SleeveHard Graft Skinny Fit Sleeve