Be quick on the draw with the WRENCHit by Mininch. Based on a similar concept to Mininch’s Tool Pen, the WRENCHit is an ultra portable, interchangeable wrench. This multi-functional tool is like having a one-stop toolbox everywhere you go. It employs a pop-a-point design that allows you to select and swap the various wrench/tools on the fly. Whether it’s packed in your bike roll, glove box, or pencil case, this handy tool will surely help you out in a pinch. The WRENCHit is made with a sandblasted SUS 420 Stainless Steel and weighs in at about 65g fully loaded. It holds up to 5 wrenches at a time, but the set consists of 10 wrenches and 15 total tools.

Help make this tool a reality and support the WRENCHit Kickstarter campaign.

WRENCHit by Mininch