Flectr Reflector

Take on the night with Flectr Reflectors. What used to be plastered on every bike known to man, barely makes an appears except on a few kids bikes. In today’s market, reflectors are an absolute must considering drivers are more interested in looking at their phones than the road. The main problem with the old-school plastic reflectors was their ridiculous size, weight, and the horrendous design. The Flectr has taken everything useful from the old-school reflector and packaged it into something every daily commuter will be chomping at the bit for. It’s the first reflector that combines performance based aerodynamics, state-of-the-art reflection, insane durability and is virtually weightless. Like its ancestors from the past, the Flectr is a spoke based reflector that integrates thousands of microprisms, making it literally glow in the presence of light. It’s super easy to install, doesn’t effect your riding performance and won’t fall off regardless the conditions.

Pre-order your Flectr and support their Kickstarter campaign here.

Flectr ReflectorFlectr ReflectorFlectr Reflector