Stahl Firepit

Meet the Stahl, a modern firepit that goes where you go. The Stahl is a minimal firepit that contains no complicated parts or screws, and can be assemble or disassemble with ease. Whether it’s transporting from your yard to a make-shift camp site, or packing it up for the winter, the Stahl can be utilized just like a lawn chair. No sacrificing style or convenience as the Stahl is crafted from quarter-inch A36 hot rolled steel that naturally matures over time. This fire pit will also last a lifetime, but as the seasons pass it will develop a unique rich patina appearance. The precision laser cut pieces ensure seamless assembly, just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Choose from 3 sizes and available directly from Huckberry.

Stahl FirepitStahl FirepitStahl FirepitStahl FirepitStahl Firepit