Swiza Pocket Knife

Introducing the Swiza, the new generation of Swiss Pocket Knives. Not from a new kid on the block, nor from the iconic Victorinox, these contemporary blades are from a 111 year old Swiss timepiece maker. Since 1904 the people of the Swiss Jura Mountain region have been crafting some of the best timepieces in the world. The tradition and heritage of quality and meticulous craftsmanship continues with Swiza’s next generation of products. This authentic Swiza Swiss knife features an ergonomically curved design that allows the knife to be more comfortable and accessible within the palm, while the sure-grip handle provides a soft tactile grip. For all of us who’ve struggled to open a traditional Swiss Army knife, you’ll be thankful for Swiza’s die-cut slots which make it a cinch to open the various tools whether you’re left or right handed. For added protection the Swiza knife has an integrated safety locking system that is disengaged by simple pressing the Cross logo. This knife is available in four tool set variations and four solid colorways.

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Swiza Pocket Knife D04Swiza Pocket Knife D04Swiza Pocket Knife D04Swiza Pocket Knife D04