Topeak Ninja Series Tool Set


Introducing the Topeak Ninja Series Tool Set, a covert special operations tool. How many times have you wanted to ride without any gear on ya? Topeak has come up with a perfect undercover tool set that tags along with you on the ride without any knowledge of being there. The group is comprised of a Ninja C chain tool, Ninja TC road and mountain Tool Case and Ninja Pump. Built to be stored in various under utilized spaces on your bike, the Topeak Ninja C Chain Tool is cleverly designed to sit in the end of your road or MTN bike bars. Weighting in at just 77 grams, the Ninja C Chain tool was built from lightweight aluminum, hardened steel, and is compatible with multi-speed chains. The other two, the Ninja P, a super compact 62gram CNC aluminum 160psi rated mini pump hides nicely within your seat post, and the Ninja TC, a built in tool case/tool that attaches cleverly to your water bottle road or MTB mounts.

Topeak Ninja C Chain Tool available at Amazon.
Topeak Ninja P Mini Pump available at
Topeak Ninja TC available at Rose Bikes.