Jetboil Genesis 2 Base Camp System

Take the base camp to the deep backcountry thanks to the Jetboil Genesis 2. With any hike-in camping trip weight always dictates the quantity of gear, type of gear and even the menu. Jetboil lets you break the austere norm and cook like you’re in base camp. The Genesis 2 Camp System is a unique 2-burner camp stove that folds down like a waffle maker and slides effortlessly into a 5L pot and 10 inch fry pan. You also don’t have to worry about sacrificing performance as each burner pumps out 10,000 BTUs and features simmer controls, lever igniter and a Jetlink fuel output port which allows for an additional satellite burner. The 5L Flux pot features an integrated lid strainer, protective flame skirt, insulated foldable handles and is finished with a ceramic coating to prevent sticking.

Get the Camp system directly from JetBoil or individually from Amazon.
Genesis 2 Burner Stove
5L Flux Pot
10 Inch Fry Pan

Jetboil Genesis 2 Base Camp SystemJetboil Genesis 2 Base Camp SystemJetboil Genesis 2 Base Camp System