Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tool Bag


The Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tool Bag has a place for everything and everything in its place. How often is finding the right tool just as difficult as the job at hand? If you’re like us it happens more than it should. Blue Ridge Overland Gear have got your back with a wicked tool bag solution. With a smart clam-shell design it opens up flat giving free access to the 12″ removable hook and loop pouches. The pouches, made from string-reinforced clear vinyl pockets, are attached with velcro and can be easily removed to store that fav leather tool roll. The front of the bag is nicely equipped with 1″ MOLLE webbing and a large patch of velcro for additional small bags. On the back you’ll find a handy velcro enclosed mesh pouch, perfect for gloves or pretty much anything that you need instant access to. To top it off the handles are made of seat beat material. Made in the USA, the Blue Ridge Overland Gear bag makes your life a little more organized in a less than predictable world.

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