Oru Beach Kayak


Let your adventures unfold with the Oru Beach Kayak. As elaborate as origami is, it goes to show how something so complex can inspire a boat load of ideas. With this idea in tow, Oru Kayak set out to bring exploration closer to your fingertips than ever before. The Oru Beach Kayak is the latest collapsible boat in their collection. It takes a mere three minutes to set up, and at 28″ wide, the Oru Beach Kayak one of the most stable and comfortable of the bunch. The Beach Kayak features an open cockpit making it perfect for just about anyone (including man’s best friend). Although some may think a foldable kayak is a bit sketchy, Oru has built all their kayaks using a durable double-layer plastic material that can be folded thousands upon thousands of time without weakening. Thank goodness for that! The Beach Kayak folds to a small 32” x 28” x 13″ package that can be slung over your back or carried in an Oru Pack. If your adventure takes a little full day detour, or possible longer, check out Oru’s full Foldable Kayak selection here.

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