Plume WiFi

The Plume brings the home crystal clear WiFi anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Regardless of your home set-up, you’ve probably experience sketchy WiFi connection in specific locations on certain devices. The Plume helps solve this common problem by the distribution of multiple interlinking pods that provide you with the optimal connection regardless the signal condition. You also don’t need to sacrifice lower speeds for longer distances, the Plume optimizes and dynamically switches between 2.4GHz and 5 GHz depending on your location and device speed dependancy. Best of all, the Plume learns your connection patterns and routine behaviors similar to the NEST thermostat. Unlike every other other WiFi router that is so hideous that you look for every opportunity to hid it, the Plume is actually stylish and well designed. It’s not just good looking, it’s easy to set-up, includes a full network control app and gives you access to your data stats and usage.

Select from Onyx, Silver or Champagne and pre-order directly from Plume.

Plume WiFiPlume WiFi