Urbanature Bike Block


The Urbannature Bike Block is the latest and greatest bike rack to hit the block. Living downtown, either in an apartment or condo, there are many choices for hanging your bike. That said, not all things have to be hung. The Urbannature Bike Block is latest product from Urbannature that takes ultramodern minimalism seriously. Handmade from a solid exposed concrete, simply roll your tire into the slot and you have a bike stand that takes up very little room. Equipped with a leather bottom (so you don’t have to worry about scratching those precious hard wood floors) the slot fits tire sizes from 26″ to 28″ and is more than heavy enough (18kg) to keep your bike anchored in its place. Designed by Jorg Brachmann, the Urbannature Bike Block brings great industrial touch to a modern city setting.

Available via connox.