ZEGHO Eyewear


The Zegho Eyewear lets your eyes see clearly. If you’re an experienced all around cyclist you know how challenging it can be to find eyewear, especially when there are so many options out there. Enter ASSOS, an outfitter with the one and only focus of producing exclusive cycling gear. Based out of Ticino Switzerland, ASSOS works in conjunction with Zegho (a group of nine European specialty eyewear makers) to manufacture the Zegho eyewear lineup. With each maker producing specifically designed components, orchestrated by ASSOS Centro Studio, they have created quality eyewear with a clear vision – to outperform and outlive its intended lifecycle. Handmade in old-world style, they combine cutting edge technology with artisan know-how – Zegho eyewear goes through 22 manufacturing steps touching 37 humans in the process. Zegho eyewear features Tunnel Vision (made by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens) an ASSOS innovation which allows cyclists to enter a shadowed area without worrying about it going dark. They offer no polarized or photochromic lenses because reflections are the key to seeing things that might take you down, like rocketing down a mountain road and hydroplaning to your death. Photochromic lenses don’t react fast enough to light changes causing multiple blind spots as you go from light to dark. WIth full 100% UV protection and 40 years experience making premium cycling apparel you can guarantee that the fit will be just right making sure you see anything and everything in your line of sight.

Available in with black, yellow or clear lens and in your choice of white, black and transparent frame via Competitive Cyclist or ASSOS of Switzerland.