Allbirds Wool Sneakers


All natural comfort all the time with the Allbirds wool sneakers. Often fashionable sneakers are just about one thing and that is, of course, looking good. Now it’s one thing to look good but another to do it in true comfort. The Allbirds wool sneakers do all things well via ZQ certified wool – a quality merino wool that meets stringent standards of sustainable farming and animal welfare, two wicked pluses in our books. Besides being environmental conscious, Allbirds gives you all the natural benefits of wool; lightweight and breathable, cool in heat and warm in cold, flexible, minimizes stinky feet and machine washable. As great fans of merino wool, Allbirds has raised the game of the fashionable sneaker to an all new natural high, leading the way in an industry that has sold its soul to the almighty dollar.

Available in all new limited edition grey with three custom accent colors from Allbirds.