BONX – Wearable Walkie-Talkie

Voice enable your outdoor activities with the BONX Wearable Walkie-Talkie. Whether you’re communicating with a friend or a huge group, the BONX connects everyone in your network for seamless and buttonless communication. Perfect for tearing down a mountain, climbing a cliff or taking it easy while you throw a few casts in, the button-less technology allows you to focus on the task at hand while providing voice-activated communication. The BONX is shock and water resistant, designed for hours of ear comfort and will give you about 9 hours of run time. It does rely on a cellular network to maintain seamless communication between the group, but considering the saturation of cellular coverage it’s a minor detail unless you’re planning a trip in the deep backcountry.

Pre-order and support the BONX through their Indiegogo campaign.

BONX - Wearable Walkie-TalkieBONX - Wearable Walkie-TalkieBONX - Wearable Walkie-Talkie