Help tame the dog days of summer with the O-Fan. AC may be the norm, but if your office is in a heritage loft you’re stuck with a good old fashioned circular fan. There are some amazing options for full floor fans, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anything remotely stylish for the desk. The O-Fan by Eleven Plus is the perfect desk fan for those who actually care about the aesthetics of their workspace. The small sphere-shaped design allows the O-Fan to accommodate any desired wind direction without any knob or setting adjustments, and the embossed saddle creates a pin point wind channel that maximizes the O-Fan’s cooling efficiency. It’s powered by USB and will remain quiet even after hours of operation. One fan may not be enough to cool your desk space, but these little fans are small and cheap enough that you could easily decorate your desk with multiple O-Fans.

Available in grey, blue and red directly from Eleven Plus.

Eleven Plus O-FanEleven Plus O-FanEleven Plus O-FanEleven Plus O-FanEleven Plus O-Fan