Cycloc Endo Bike Rack


Go vertical with the Cycloc Endo Bike Rack. How often do you have just one bike? Last we checked we had a few different beasts (three to be exact) and thank goodness we have space in our basement. If you lack bike storage space, then look no further. The Endo Vertical Bike Rack is one sleek bike storage option. Designed for all types of bikes – mountain bike to road bike – it anchors to your wall with 4 point fixing (make sure you hang it from a stud, because as we all know drywall mounts just don’t cut it). Available in 7 colors, black or white being our fav, the Endo has rubber contact points protecting your wall and, more importantly, your wheel from unnecessary damage. With a fold flat design, 3.2mm thickness and a hollow hinge which allows for common ulocks locking, it easily converts any space into a functional parking garage. Awarded UK and international design awards, Cycloc and their Endo Bike Rack is a minimal space defining bike rack that takes your bike to an all new vertical level.

Purchase directly from Cycloc or Amazon.