SUP Board and Paddle Set


The SUP Board and Paddle Set is one all natural beauty ready to set sail. With fall in the air there is no better time to take advantage of the last remaining warm days on the water, exploring the many colours painting the way. As stunning as Mother Nature is, the boys at Sanborn Canoe and Shoreboards have created a stunning paddle set of their own. Hand-built in Minnesota, the SUP paddle set is constructed from fiberglass coated cedar and aspen. The paddle is a featherweight looker, made from western red cedar, aspen and cherry, finished off with a super strong epoxy tip guard guaranteed to provide a smooth and powerful ride. On top of it all, both sup board and paddle are hand painted. Sold together or separate, Sanborn Canoe along with Shoreboards have come together to create a set that would truly give Mother Nature and all her natural glory a run for her money.

Available via Wilson and Willys.