Ruckus Bike


Introducing the Ruckus, a bike built for the people. If you’re one who enjoys biking it always seems a little more enjoyable when there are more than one. Coast Cycles, a company that employs ergonomics with fashion, has a passion rivalling some the best bespoke designs in the world. Inspired by this passion, they have combined an extreme sense of coolness with a nostalgic flare to create Ruckus. The Ruckus isn’t your ordinary cruiser, in fact with its large extended lounge seat (or as we used to call it a banana seat) it has enough room for two and gives a whole new meaning to the word tandem. Built with a Chromoly frame and fork, the Ruckus features a variety of drive train options (like 8 speed Sram x4 to an electric motor assist) an Innova 20×4.0 1/4 or V-Mission 20×4.o tire selection and Sram Tektro disk brake set. We’ve seen our fair share of runabouts but nothing quite like this. The Ruckus by Coast Cycles is sure to cause a ‘ruckus’ where ever you go and its sick retro design will leave a lasting impression on whomever is lucky enough to feast their eyes on it.

Available in fire department red, stealth black or glacial white directly from Coast Cycles.