Vario 2000 Axe


Meet the Vario 2000 an axe with a split personality. For any outdoorsman using an axe is second nature. However how many times does the log you’re about to split suddenly develop a personality all of its own? Having the right axe makes a world of difference. The Vario 2000 is one slick looking axe that features a patented screw system that allows the woodsman to swap out specific axe blades and handles. Built to be a heavy hitter, this rugged splitting axe weighs in at 7.5lbs allowing for an immensely powerful strike to shatter tree trunks, large logs and heavy firewood. Made in Germany of C45 high grade carbon steel, the Vario 2000 has a drop forged, heat treated oil-hardened head. The handle, a curved ergonomic design, is virtually indestructible and is made from an unbreakable polymer that can take as many missed swings as you’ve got. To top this rugged beaut off, the parts are completely interchangeable with all of the Vario 2000 axe lineup, including their more traditional wood handle.

Available directly from Helko or via Amazon.

Vario-2000-axe-1-LumberJac Vario-2000-axe-2-LumberJac Vario-2000-axe-3-LumberJac Vario-2000-axe-4-LumberJac