Roshults Manhattan Cabinet LumberJac

Röshults Manhattan Cabinet

Stack whatever you want with the Roshults Manhattan Cabinet. Often cabinets are either so nice you don’t want to touch it or they are totally functional with zero style. The Roshults Manhattan Cabinet does both jobs nicely. Combining rough concrete and solid iron, the two play off of each other wonderfully. With its lack of direct purpose, it is a beautiful versatile piece no matter where you place it. Use it for a minimal bookshelf in the living room or a fantastic hallway storage unit or better yet a storage unit for your firewood. Easily modifiable, you can purchase separate shelves leaving you with nothing but the freedom to stack it your way. Available in a multitude of colors Roshults Manhattan Cabinet is minimal masterpiece no matter how you stack it.

Available from the Finish Design Shop or directly from Roshults.

Roshults Manhattan Cabinet LumberJac Roshults Manhattan Cabinet LumberJac