Waxed Riders Jacket LumberJac
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Waxed Riders Jacket

Introducing the Waxed Riders Jacket, a classic jacket that will generate quite the buzz. Shedding the winter layers is once again upon us, leaving us eager for summertime exploration. Freenote, a classic menswear shop, has created a wonderful waxed rider jacket. Made in the good old USA, the waxed riders jacket features Millerain beeswaxed canvas, cotton chambray lining, subtle front pleated details, elastic bands in arm gussets and custom metal trim. Freenote utilizes nothing but the finest hardwear and material making for a truly authentic classic style that will outlive the latest buzz to hit the fashion scene.

Purchase directly from Freenote.

Waxed Riders Jacket LumberJac Waxed Riders Jacket LumberJac Waxed Riders Jacket LumberJac