TrueBike LumberJac


Stay true to the 36er with the TrueBike. Riding in comfort and style is one thing but imagine being able to take on rocks, roots and stairs with the riding experience unlike any other bike out there. TrueBike have taken the 36” tire bike to the extreme with an incomparably low body center of gravity. Available in three sizes, the TrueBike boasts features like a handmade sweeping custom built steel frame/fork, 3×10, 2×10 or single speed Shimano drivetrain, Nimbus stealth rims with custom built spokes and Novate hub. If like to take things in true style with the ability to perform on a dime, this big-wheeled beast does it all with the utmost efficiency.

Available directly from Truebike.

TrueBike LumberJacTrueBike LumberJac TrueBike LumberJacTrueBike LumberJac  TrueBike LumberJac