Blanc Creatives Cookware LumberJac

Blanc Creatives Cookware

Prepare like never before with the Blanc Creatives Cookware. Having the right tool to do the right job is a recipe for success. Blanc Creatives cookware combines old fashion craftsmanship with time honoured techniques—the perfect ingredients to achieve nothing but the best. Starting out with a flat circular steel disc, the cookware is hand pressed and then forged into the perfect shape. After countless hours of hammering and shaping, the pan is detailed, handles are shaped to match the pan and riveted on. After more cleaning and seasoning, the pan is heated to high temperatures creating a protective barrier against oxidization. Sought after by world-class chefs and home foodies alike Blanc Creatives offers a lifetime guarantee of satisfaction.

Purchase directly from Blanc Creatives or from one of our favourited shops, Eating Tools.

Blanc Creatives Cookware LumberJac Blanc Creatives Cookware LumberJac