OTHR Nest Piggy Bank

Nest Piggy Bank

Meet the Nest, a modern piggy bank you’ll never wanna smash. Minimal to its core the Nest is a contemporary interpretation on the classic piggy bank. Unlike the many banks we grew up with that had rubber stoppers to make periodic withdraws, the Nest is a true example of “no reward without sacrifice.” Once filled, or if you’re in desperate need for some cash, the porcelain exterior must be smashed to reap the rewards. Each Nest is 3D printed from porcelain and rests on a numbered steel base that also doubles as a makeshift hammer. If you do take the plunge and smash the Nest, you will also be rewarded with a miniature pig that pays homage to the Nest’s roots.

Available in white or black directly from OTHR.

OTHR Nest Piggy Bank OTHR Nest Piggy Bank OTHR Nest Piggy Bank OTHR Nest Piggy Bank