TROVE Swift LumberJac

TROVE Swift Wallet Review

We welcome back the Trove Swift, a simple brilliant solution for your favourite card collection. If your card collection is a little overwhelming it’s time to pare down and keep the most valuable closest to hand.

We received our very first Trove wallet over a year ago, and while it took some time to getting used to, I would never go back. When Trove reached out to us I was totally excited to see what their latest rendition of the wallet could bring. With simplicity already the focus, I was wondering how could they make it better? Well, they’ve kept the original fantastic design and added a wicked new little feature. The Trove wallet now has a built in pull cord, which allows you to access the cards you use on a daily basis quickly and easily. You might think this isn’t that important, but after using it for a couple of weeks, the little extra pull makes life so much easier! It makes me wonder how they didn’t think of this on the first designs. Like the Trove 1.0, the wallet is still handmade in small batches by skilled craftspeople in England. It also still features great materials like two layers of bonded full grain Italian veg-tanned leather and high quality British elastic.

Their functional advancement along with their minimal philosophy continue to impress keeping us loyal to this stylish little wallet.

Join them in making this wallet come to life and back them on Kickstarter.

TROVE Swift LumberJac TROVE Swift LumberJac TROVE Swift LumberJac TROVE Swift LumberJac TROVE Swift LumberJac