FLECTR 360 Bik Reflector

FLECTR 360 Bike Reflector

Be seen at every angle with the FLECTR 360 Bike Reflector. If you’re not a regular nightrider you may not be set-up with the most effective light system. For the odd evening out or the late dusk ride, you can never be over prepared when it comes to night visibility. FLECTR’s new 360 reflectors add the necessary visibility while keeping the weight and inconvenience of typical reflectors down to a minimum. There’s no air drag and dynamic imbalance, keeping your wheels unaffected from the weight of a standard reflector. The 360 Reflector is made from a 3D formable film making it versatile enough to perfectly fit any rim on the market. The sealed film makes these reflectors virtually indestructible, dirt repellent and insanely vibrant. Regardless your bike position the design allows light to be reflected from every angle giving you maximum exposure to vehicle traffic.

Pre-order yours directly from FLECTR’s Kickstarter campaign.

FLECTR 360 Bik Reflector FLECTR 360 Bik Reflector FLECTR 360 Bik Reflector FLECTR 360 Bik Reflector